What Exactly is a Wet Room?

When you think of a wet room, what springs to mind? A sauna? Not exactly. A laundry room? Definitely not. A bathroom or shower? Sort of, yes! Leisure centre changing rooms and shower areas usually follow the design of a wet room. However, now wet room designs are also becoming a very popular choice in domestic homes too. They serve as a more modern, functional design alternative to your traditional bathroom design.


A wet room is a completely waterproof room where the shower is integrated in the design. In some cases a shower tray may be included, but generally there is an integrated drain in the room and in fact, the entire room becomes the shower enclosure. You can of course choose to add a glass panel or other form of enclosure to the area surrounding the shower head to give yourself some privacy. Wet rooms tend to offer more space as a result, and are often the preferred choice when transferring a small space into a bathroom/shower area. Wet rooms are also a very popular choice for people with limited mobility as they are easier to navigate in. It is very easy to install grab rails and shower seating in a wet room too. Wet rooms can serve as either your bedroom en suite or a main bathroom.

When designing a wet room in your home, you must undergo a waterproofing procedure known as “tanking” before the tiles are laid down. This “tanking” procedure is essential to ensuring that your wet room is protected from moisture damage from steam or water from your shower. Underfloor heating systems are often installed in wet rooms to reduce moisture retention and to provide additional comfort. However, you can choose to install radiators instead if you wish. Wet rooms are continuously growing in popularity and there are several benefits to a wet room design:

Additional Space

A wet room space can open up additional space by applying a more open plan design to your bathroom. As a result the room can appear both bigger and brighter!


It allows you to be extremely flexible when it comes to designing the room. Your shower area size can be any size you want. You can choose from wooden or concrete flooring, with ceramic, porcelain or stone tiling.

Protective Finish

The waterproofing procedure offers a protective finish to your wet room design meaning that leaks and/or moisture damage are issues that you will not have to worry about.

Modern Design

A wet room design offers a modern, contemporary feel. Many people are opting to install a wet room in their home as it offers a stylish luxurious appearance with a look that can be easily updated.

Easily Updated

It is very easy to update or alter the design of a wet room in comparison to a regular bathroom. There will be room for moving your shower heads and drain if you desire to do so in the future. You can easily update tiles or add additional features such as extra grab rails, curtain rails, shower seats and support rails.

Having read all of the above points, I think you will agree that a wet room is a welcome addition to any home, regardless of its size and style.

Posted in Wetrooms on 21st August 2014