Top 5 Wetroom & Bathroom Trends in 2015


Interior design continuously evolves, so naturally, so too does bathroom design. Given the utilisation of the bathrooms in our homes, it is only natural that we want to ensure the creation of a comfortable space. The bathrooms in our homes are also likely to be utilised by guests, so you want to make sure they are equipped to impress! Bathrooms come in all shapes and sizes and the trends in design reflect this, with interior designers consistently devising new ways to make the most of small bathroom spaces.

Interested in keeping up with the latest trends in bathroom design? Here are the 5 top trends in bathroom design in 2015:

1.       Clean, crisp contemporary colours

White and grey are the most dominant colours for bathrooms this season, and it’s looking like it will stay this way all throughout 2015. While white may not be surprising, grey is not such a common colour used in bathroom designs. Having said this, and what seems surprising to many is that, interior designers expect to see the use of the colour grey growing in 2015. There is also a growing popularity in the use of purple, lavender, and lilac shades being featured in bathroom designs. The combination of purple and grey tones can add a really luxurious feel to a bathroom.

2.       Trough sinks

Expect sinks to become a true centrepiece of bathroom design in 2015. Trough sinks are projected to be a very popular feature in particular, and they are sure to make an impact. While trough sinks aren’t a runner for small en-suites, they are the perfect choice for adding to the lavish, comfortable feeling of a main bathroom. White cement and jute fibre constructed trough sinks and stone constructed models are expected to be the most popular options.

3.       Floating Vanity Units

Floating sink cabinets and bathroom vanity units are another key bathroom trend that you can expect to see in 2015, especially those constructed from wood. Floating vanity units are not an uncommon sight in hotel bathrooms and are slowly making their way into residential homes too. A floating vanity unit is a great space saver that’s functional as well as aesthetically pleasing.

4.       Electric Heated Floors

Once upon a time, heated bathroom floors were something you would only see in posh hotel bathrooms or luxurious mansions. However, fast-forward to 2015, and electric heated floors in residential bathrooms are becoming a very common luxury. In recent times, they have become a much more affordable bathroom feature and can really help to maximise comfort and cosiness.

5.       Wet Rooms

When it comes to bathrooms, the general trend over the past few years has been the more open they are, the better! Bathrooms are now seen as a space of openness and comfort, a trend that has made wet rooms a popular choice for many. For now and the reminder of 2015, you can expect to see more wet rooms as they are continuingly becoming more popular for their super stylish look and functional benefits. The days of tiny shower cubicles will soon be gone! You heard it here first.

Thinking of redesigning your bathroom? Ensure that your bathroom redesign is on trend by implementing one or more of the aforementioned key bathroom design trends for 2015.