Reasons to Convert a Bathroom to a Wet Room

Wet rooms are becoming a more popular and common feature in modern homes. A wet room is a completely waterproofed room with a walk in shower minus the regular shower tray. Essentially, the entire wet room instead acts as the shower enclosure although the inclusion of a glass panel adds a touch of privacy. Wet room designs are particularly popular in hotels, gyms and leisure centres.

Virtually no bathroom is unable to be converted into a wet room, no matter what shape or size. Even small bedroom ensuites or old bathrooms can be converted into a modern, contemporary showering space. There are so many reasons to convert a bathroom to a wet room. First of all, the nightmare that is cleaning your bathroom is made a whole lot easier. Wet rooms are much easier to clean as they are more spacious. This means no awkward reaching positions when trying to clean every nook and cranny. It aesthetically looks more attractive too.

Wet rooms are more user friendly for the disabled and those with mobility issues too. If you intend on living in your home for the rest of your life, your bathroom should have a futuristic design to cater for the mobility issues that you will experience as you age. If a disabled person should ever visit your home, their trip to the bathroom need not be unnecessarily difficult. A wetroom offers them the space to independently manoeuvre a wheelchair in and out without assistance.

As wet rooms are completely waterproofed, you can enjoy additional comfort from features such as underfloor heating. You can enjoy the luxurious comfort of a hotel suite bathroom in the comfort of your own home. The additional space that a wet room offers, provides the opportunity to add additional ventilation, lighting, and heating systems as well as vanity units. You also have the opportunity more eco-friendly appliances, toilet systems and lighting.

You can of course convert your bathroom or ensuite to a wet room completely by yourself if you want. All of the necessary materials are available to regular consumers to purchase. However, if you hire a team of professionals, your bathroom will be completely transformed and ready for use as a wet room within a matter of days. The installation requires a multitude of skills, therefore it is highly recommended to leave the installation of a wet room to the experts. The foundations will have to be plastered and waterproofed with fibreglass or tanking. New toilets and sinks as well as a heating system, will most likely have to be installed, requiring plumbing skills. Lighting and the shower system installation among other items may require the knowledge of a skilled electrician. The wet room will also have to be extensively tiled and finished to a high standard.

The initial installation and design of your wet room is crucial to its longevity. If the smallest thing is left undone, your house may be subject to water damage, which can be devastating. If you plan on converting your bathroom to a wet room, it is safest in the long run to hire an expert team.

Posted in Wetrooms on 11th February 2014