Bathroom Design Trends

One of the most popular areas for renovating in the home is the bathroom. A lot of people are converting their bathroom to be more like a relaxing spa, a place of peace and quiet to help them unwind after a long stressful day. The following are a few designs trends that may be helpful when considering a conversion of your bathroom.

Environmentally friendly options – There are several different ways in which a bathroom conversion can be environmentally friendly without impacting on the luxurious feel you may be hoping to achieve.

In a typical households flushing the toilets accounts for nearly thirty per cent of water usage, by installing a low flow toilet you can conserve water or even by installing a dual flow toilet, which allows you to choose how strong of a flush you want.

The shower is another area in which water can be conserved with minimal visual impact. By installing a low flow shower head you can go from using up to 8 gallons of water per minute to well under three gallons of water per minute. Even if you are the kind to delay that extra couple of minutes in the shower you will still have conserved more water when having a short shower using a high flow shower head.

Another way to conserve motion sensor taps. A lot of people tend to leave the taps running longer than needed while washing our hands, or brushing our teeth, a motion sensor tap can nullify that issue simply by insuring that there is water flowing only when needed.

Energy efficient options – Switching from incandescent bulbs to LED lighting can save up to eighty per cent more energy and, due to recent developments in LED lighting, you won’t have to sacrifice the ‘warm lighting’ that was once exclusive to the use of incandescent light bulbs.

Installing an energy efficient vent fan can save up to sixty percent more energy than an older model of vent fan, because you’re meant to run a vent fan during and for fifteen minutes after your showers to prevent mould from forming in the bathroom, an energy efficient fan can save you a lot of energy over a relatively short period of time.

Creating a spa like ambience – Noisy Jacuzzis, that were once a must have, are being replaces by quiet, relaxing soak tubs. These tubs are often large, deep, well insulated and are jet less.

Changing your bathroom into a wet room is becoming more popular, wet rooms are great for those who do not wish to have a shower tray in the bathroom.

Décor ideas – The use of live plants as part of bathroom décor can help add to the luxurious of your refurbished bathroom, in fact there are many household plant that are easily suited and can survive in a bathroom.

Plants like aloe vera and the orchid are suited to low light bathrooms, asparagus ferns and azaleas are better suited to bright and sunny bathrooms.