Tips for Making Your Bathroom Look More Expensive and Luxurious

luxurious bathroom


Do you dream of a peaceful retreat where you can relax and unwind? Could your bathroom do with an upgrade, but you don’t have the cash for a refit?

If your bathroom is more practical than deluxe, there are many ways to lift it from the mundane and make it a space you love to spend time in, and they needn’t involve spending too much cash. Plus, the solutions are fast, easy and effective.

If you want to inject luxury into your bathroom, without having a total bathroom renovation, follow our six simple tips to make your bathroom look more expensive and luxurious.

Engage Your Senses


Think lighting, evocative scents and serene uncluttered surfaces. Dim the lights with dimmer switches or add wall lights, light scented candles, and ensure that any clutter is removed to a minimum. By using your favourite scented bubble baths and aroma diffusers, you’ll indulge your senses every time you enter the room.


Ditch The Clutter and Worn Out Towels and Mats


Clutter can spoil the look of even the most expensive bathroom. Dispose of products you never use, and store the ones that you don’t use daily under your sink, in a medicine cabinet or in an attractive basket. Remove old bathroom mats, old towels or any other items that are cluttering up the area, and your bathroom will automatically feel more serene.


Create Extra Storage to Keep Surfaces Tidy


Many older bathrooms were designed with minimal storage space, so if you need extra places to store your toiletries, products and spare toilet rolls, it’s time to invest in extra storage. If there’s no room for a storage unit, wicker baskets are perfect for storing extra towels and toiletries.


Redecorate with Calm, Neutral Colours


Nothing says luxury more than white. Repaint your walls with white paint or, if white seems too stark, opt for beige or pale blue. Ensure all gloss paintwork is clean or freshly painted, and keep your accessories in the same muted tones. If you need a shower curtain, choose white rather than a bold colour, and keep bathmats neutral too.


Introduce New Towels and Mats


Invest in a fluffy bathmat to keep feet warm, and a new set of thick, absorbent towels. While white is a great option to inject a relaxing feel to your room, if you’re worried about keeping them pristine, opt for a different colour. It’s all about having towels that look thick, soft, and welcoming.


Upgrade your Shower Head


One simple way to give your bathroom a more deluxe look, and indulge yourself at the same time, is to invest in a massage or rainfall showerhead. It’ll not only make showers more fun, but it will add a luxurious and contemporary feel to your room.


A More Expensive and Luxurious Bathroom Can Be Yours

Giving your bathroom an expensive and luxurious look is all about keeping it streamlined, clean looking and serene, so start decluttering, invest in some new accessories, and create the haven you’ve always dreamed of.


Posted in News on 25th October 2017