Tips For Switching to Efficient Faucets, Shower Heads, & Toilets


Switching to high efficiency plumbing fixtures including toilets, shower heads and faucets can help to conserve your home’s water, energy and your hard earned money too. Homeowners around Ireland are realising the many benefits of installing high efficiency fixtures and with an increasing demand for these kinds of fixtures come lots of different options to choose from.

If you’re thinking of upgrading your plumbing system with fixtures that will be kinder to your household, our environment and your pocket, the following tips are worth keeping in mind.

Replace Your Toilet With A Low-Flow Toilet

If you don’t have low-flow toilets in your home, it’s time to consider installing one in each of your bathrooms. Yes, there’s an initial cost investment but you will save in the long-term and, contrary to what some might think, the high tech low-flow toilets of today are super powerful and way more efficient when compared with older toilets.

Take your time when searching for the best water-conserving toilet as you want to find something that’s affordable, stylish and compatible with your plumbing system.



Choosing The Right Shower Head

Switching out your old shower heads with low flow alternatives doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice performance for efficiency. You can still have powerful showers, and all whilst saving your precious water.

Tips for choosing a low-flow showerhead

  • Choose a showerhead with less than 2.5 gpm (gallons per minute) flow rate.
  • Low flow showerheads typically come in two types so you’ll have to consider which one is best for your home. The two options are an aerating showerhead (one that mixes the water with air which creates a mist-like spray) and a laminar-flow showerhead (creates individual streams of water).
  • It’s recommended that you include a flow restrictor when installing your new showerhead(s) as this will allow you to control the amount of flow you need based on your preferences for water pressure.



Water-Saving Bathroom Faucets

Installing water-saving bathroom faucets and/or aerators in all sinks in your home is the fastest and easiest way to reduce your water usage. Homeowners all over Ireland are realising this and updating their bathrooms and kitchen sinks with stylish chrome, venetian, oil-rubbed bronze, and brilliant stainless steel low-flow faucets.

Remember, you don’t have to compromise on style just because you’re going low-flow!

Tips to keep in mind when buying bathroom faucets

  • Consider what kind of style would look good in your home, as there are a huge variety of options to choose from.
  • Size matters! Always take the measurements of your old faucet(s) before going shopping for new ones as getting fixtures that are too small or too big will warrant a return trip to the shop for some new ones.
  • If you can’t afford to buy all new fixtures, why not give your current taps an upgrade to improve their efficiency? You can do so by investing in an aerator for each tap. A tap aerator, or a flow regulator as it’s sometimes called, is a small attachment that either fits onto the end of a tap or is inserted inside of its existing sprout.

We hope this quick guide to low-flow bathroom fixtures will help you when it comes to turning your old-school bathroom into a much more efficient and environmentally friendly place to be!


If your looking for some help in regards to your bathroom in Dublin and want some advice about making it more efficient, more aesthetically pleasing and environmentally friendly contact us.

Posted in News on 17th August 2017