How To Decide On A New Wet Room Or A New Bathroom


Bathrooms have come a long way since the days of a simple three piece bathroom suite plonked in a tiny room. They’ve moved from being merely functional spaces to beautiful havens where you can not only carry out your daily bathing routine, but where you can relax and unwind too.

However, when it comes to choosing the ideal bathing solution for your home, do you opt for the traditional option with a bath and overhead shower, or perhaps a separate shower cubicle? Or do you choose the increasingly popular option of a wet room? ¬†With more and more people opting to take a shower over a bath, wet rooms and shower rooms are becoming increasingly popular alternatives to bathrooms. So, if you’re about to install a new bathroom, or renovate an existing one, here’s our top tips on how to decide on a new wet room or a new bathroom.

1. Choose a wet room if you’re short on space

If space is at a premium, a wet room can offer the ideal space-saving solution. Most bathrooms in modern houses are literally not much bigger than a double bed, and we’ve all been in bathrooms where negotiating the fixtures can be a problem. Try to add a separate shower cubicle into the mix and you’ll find that it’s often not possible due to lack of space, leaving an over-bath shower as the only option. On the other hand, by installing a wet room, you’re literally turning the whole room into a shower, making it a great way to both optimise space and create an open feel to the room.

2. Choose a wet room if your room is an awkward space

If your bathroom is an awkward shape, a wet room is a good way to make the most of that space, as the shower area can be positioned in places where a standard shower cubicle or tray just wouldn’t fit.

3. Choose a wet room if you have mobility issues

Wet rooms offer step-free showering, making them the ideal option for children or people with mobility issues. It’s even possible to remain in your wheelchair while you’re taking a shower in a wet room.

4. Choose a bathroom if you have plenty of space

If space is not an issue, a bathroom can offer a range of bathing options. You can even incorporate a wet room area into a bathroom, as long as you protect the rest of the room with some form of shower screen. Installing a wet room rather than a traditional bathroom also has implications should you decide to sell your property, as some potential purchasers may be put off by the lack of a bath.

5. Choose a bathroom if you love lazing in the bath

And finally, although a shower may be the practical bathing option, if you love having a long candlelit soak, with perhaps a glass of wine and a good book or your favourite music, a bathroom is a must. It takes bathing beyond a routine task we just have to do, and elevates it to a relaxing and sensual experience.

Posted in News on 21st August 2015