How to Make a Small Bathroom Appear Bigger: Design Ideas

Does your bathroom feel cramped and claustrophobic? If so, you’re not alone as not everyone has the luxury of having a large bathroom that’s expansive. Lucky for you, if you have a small bathroom, all is not lost as there are a few simple tips and tricks that can make a tiny bathroom look more spacious than it actually is.

On that note; if you’re thinking of renovating your bathroom, here are some of the best design ideas that can make your small bathroom appear much bigger…


Utilise every inch of space that you’ve got

If you’ve got a small bathroom, you’ve got to use every bit of space that you’ve got available, corners included.

To create more space, get rid of large bulky corner fixtures and throw everything else that you don’t use out. For storage, we suggest putting up 2-3 narrow shelves to hold the essentials and remember to keep things to a minimum.


Buy a swing towel rail

A swivelling towel rail will give you a place to hang towels with minimal space required. This will free you up to remove all towel racks from your walls to create a perception of a bigger space.

Towels of all sizes will fit on the rail, and you can swing them out for easy drying. You can find a swivelling towel rail in most department stores, and it shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes to install.

If you cannot get a swivelling towel rail, a towel rack that hangs on the back of the door is a good alternative.


Keep things consistent

Creating one cohesive look in terms of wall colour, flooring material and the ceiling can go a long way in terms of making your space seem bigger.

One of the most effective tricks to keeping things consistent is to use the same tiles on the floor and wall to create a spa-like environment.


Get rid of the bathtub

Tubs are bulky, and they really have no place in small bathrooms. Instead of keeping your tub, get a walk-in shower fitted as it will generate extra room along your walls. On top of this, it will also make bathing faster and more energy efficient.


Get a shelf

Shelves are the best option when it comes to taking advantage of your vertical space. A shelf is perfect for storing all of your toiletries and, if you’re wondering where to put it, we suggest installing one just above the outlet socket.

This makes it ideal for storing electric shavers, electric toothbrushes and any other appliances you may need.


Use the space above the toilet

Most people ignore the fact that they’ve got lots of space above their toilet that is normally unused. If you’re tight on wall space, installing a shelf, a decorative feature, a swinging towel rail or a small cabinet above your toilet can create a lot of extra room.


Making the most of the your bathroom

And that completes our top tips for making your small bathroom appear much bigger than it actually is! Taking our tips into account and choosing your colours wisely is key to making the most out of your small space.

Posted in News on 22nd December 2017