5 Ways to Create a Safe Bathroom for Children

Bath time is fun time for children of any age! However, even under the watchful eye of parents, bath time can lead to mischief and mishaps. The bathroom, alongside the kitchen, is where most children incur injuries in the home as this fun place becomes an oh-so-dangerous place if hazards are not heeded.

As parents, we make a solid effort to put stair gates in place when confronted with eager travelling toddlers and ensure to keep cleaning products and medicines out of the way of older, intrigued children. However necessary these steps are, we must also consider the safety of children in the bathroom.

What hazards are posed to children in the bath space? A lot more than you might ever consider! The following our five top tips for keeping the bathroom a safe space for little ones:

  1. Lock Away Soaps, Shampoos and Bath Products
  2. Body and hair cleansing and conditioning products are formulated using many chemicals that are harmful for human consumption. The bright coloured packaging and scents of these nourishing products can prove very tempting for little ones, resulting in serious safety hazards. There have been so many children admitted to hospitals as a result of trying eat bath products so do your best to keep your kid’s meal times in the kitchen!

  3. Keep Sharp Objects Out of Sight
  4. While mum will use disposable razors in the bath, dad will normally keep his grooming tools ready for priming his face in the morning by the sink. As handy as it can be to have razors and shaving tools ready and waiting for you to use, they present a significant safety hazard. In the hands of children, shaving objects can result in serious injuries.

  5. Use Anti-Slip Bath Matting
  6. The balance of growing children can be questionable at the best of times and when faced with a wet surface, they simply do not have the capability to prevent themselves from falling. Anti-slip matting should feature both in the bathtub and on the floor around the tub to prevent dangerous slips and falls.

  7. Lock the Toilet
  8. Although trivial to parents, a toilet presents just another area for children to explore. Children love nothing more than to splash their hands in the toilet, which leads to the likelihood of them falling in headfirst and sub-merging their head in the toilet water. Sound scary? It is, so remember that the toilet needs to be a no-go area when adults are not around to supervise use.

  9. Step Up
  10. Children naturally develop a craving for independence, where they can go to the toilet by themselves, wash their hands and brush their teeth without adult assistance. Enable and support their independence by providing a step stool so they can easily climb on to the toilet and reach the sink area. The alternative is they’ll begin to climb up along the bathtub and towel storage boxes etc. to reach the desired height and injury ensues.

5 simple steps, but each can make for a significantly safer bathroom area. Follow these top tips to ensure your little ones can stay safe and keep bath time a fun time.

Posted in News on 27th November 2017