Most Common Bathroom Design Mistakes

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Bathroom design has been given a much more important focus in recent years. Nowadays, residential designers and homeowners are eager to create a bathroom space that offers luxurious relaxation and comfort.

Numerous technologies for bathrooms have emerged – from switchable privacy glass and towel warming drawers to colour therapy showers and vanity mirror TVs. More homeowners are striving to achieve a spa-like environment within their homes.

In trying to achieve that spa like space when remodelling or designing a bathroom, it can be all too easy to make wrong decisions which deter from the overall goal you set out to achieve.

To create a space that will serve as your retreat for peace and quiet for many years to come, ensure to avoid these common bathroom design mistakes;


An Inconsistent Design Flow

In trying to create a peaceful haven, bathroom design can go off the rails and the space can become a complete separate entity from the rest of the home. The look and feel of the other rooms in your home should carry through into your bathroom space.

An uber-modern bathroom with a wetroom not belong in a home with an otherwise traditional design. Similarly, a traditional, vintage style bathroom doesn’t flow with a home that has an otherwise modern aesthetic throughout.


Blocking the path of entry to the shower

In trying to cram as many features into a bathroom space as possible, a common mistake made in bathroom design is the compromise of safety by limiting access to the shower area.

Poor space planning leads to homeowners squeezing themselves in and out of the shower every morning, bumping and bruising elbows, knees and ankles on a daily basis.


Positioning The Toilet And Sink Too Close Together

The sink area is a key space for grooming and skincare, so don’t position it a mere couple of centimetres from the toilet. The result is a very cramped and uncomfortable bathroom space and one that isn’t very hygienic.

The recommended level of space between a sink and a toilet is at least 18 inches. Many people believe this simply isn’t possible but it can be achieved with careful planning


Little Consideration For Ventilation

Ventilation can all too often be placed as merely a secondary priority – a mistake that can prove critical in the long run. A poorly ventilated bathroom presents a prime environment for mould, mildew and rot.

Natural ventilation is always the best choice but if you cannot provision for windows in the design of your bathroom or ensuite, do ensure to include artificial ventilation sources such as exhaust fans and other ventilation systems.


Fear Of Colour

A bathroom space doesn’t have to stick to a monotone colour scheme so don’t be afraid to add a pop of colour to your bathroom space. Choose vibrant reds, pinks, blues and greens to make your bathroom an uplifting environment for a modern shower or choose calming lavender, icy blues, aqua and deep navy shades to create a more relaxed setting.

Do your homework by researching and avoiding these critical bathroom design mistakes that far too many people make and the result will be a bathroom space that you will enjoy for many, many years.

Posted in News on 30th August 2017