8 Unexpected Places Germs Are Hiding

We hear it on the news and we read about it in the papers, outbreaks of new microbes and new strains of viruses across the world. Unbeknownst, most of these germs are hiding where you wouldn’t expect. Health experts from Health News have identified 8 of the dirtiest parts of your day. You can learn how to avoid them and we have outlined some ways to keep clean. Your health is in your hands, literally, as eighty percent of infections are spread through hand contact.


Unexpected Places Germs Are Hiding Photo: Jack Moreh


1.Your Bathtub

You wouldn’t believe it but the place you go to get squeaky clean is full of germs! In a recent study, 26 percent of bath tubs tested had bacteria called ‘staphylococcus’ present. Bacteria is a common cause of serious skin infections. Only 6 percent of rubbish bins tested saw this amount bacteria present. The scariest part is yet to come, the typical bath tub has more than 100,000 bacteria per square inch. Bacteria thrives in these moist environments.

How you can reduce the risk

Scrub the bath tub with disinfectant as least once a week. In doing so, ensure all the cleanser goes down the drain and that you dry the tub with a clean dry towel. If the tub is left wet, the bacteria and germs are more likely to survive.


2. In your Laundry

If your handling used underwear in the process of loading the machine or transferring it to the dryer you may be getting E. coli on your hands. Did you know that only one pair of soiled underwear can spread bacteria to everything in the machine?

How you can reduce the risk

Running your washer at 150 degrees and washing all your whites with bleach will help kill 99.9% of bacteria. Make sure wet washing is moved quickly either to your dryer or hung up to dry. Ensure you wash underwear separately as there is approximately a gram of faeces in every pair of dirty underwear. Most importantly is to wash your hands after laundering


Unexpected Places Germs Are Hiding



3. The Kitchen Sink

It’s been discovered that kitchen sinks are dirtier than most bathrooms. More than 500,000 bacteria per square inch is found in your drain alone. Most of the common accessories in your kitchen such as the faucet handles, basin and sponge are teeming with bacteria as well.

How you can reduce the risk

Use an antibacterial product to clean your kitchen counters and sink. This will reduce potential pathogens like salmonella, campylobacter and E. coli. To Sanitize and kill 99.9% of bacteria on sponges, run them though the dishwasher drying cycle. Using one tablespoon of bleach and a quarter of water, scrub your basin twice a week and empty the solution down the drain afterwards.


Unexpected Places Germs Are Hiding



4. Machines and Mats At The Gym

Yoga mats and cardio machines are a breeding ground for the bacteria staphylococcus. This can be attributed to the moist environment and the constant stream of different individuals using the equipment.

How you can reduce the risk

Before working out ensure you always wipe down the machines with antibacterial wipes or bleached towels. Also invest in a yoga mat, otherwise cover the mat in the gym with a clean towel. Always shower after a workout and use antibacterial soap to rinse off any germs you may have been exposed to.


5.The Remote Control

One of the first things most of us do is grab the remote, pick a channel and sit down after a lengthy trip to a hotel. But hundreds of others have handled the same remote before you. Ask yourself how often you usually clean the remote control at home. With all the other cleaning to be done in a hotel room the remote control could easily be forgotten. A study was recently conducted for traces of a cold virus on various surfaces in a hotel. The virus was found on door handles, light switches, sink handles and remotes.

How you can reduce the risk

When you arrive at your hotel wipe the phone, clock radio, door handles, light switches and remote control with antibacterial wipes.



germs on remotes

Julian O’Hayon


6. ATM Buttons

Think about how many people have touched the ATM button before you. The bank doesn’t send someone to clean it EVER. This means its the perfect combination for a plethora of germs!

How to reduce the risk

Always carry a sanitizer that is alcohol based with you. Rub it in on your hands between visits to the ATM as well as when you touch money.



7. Public Water Fountains

You would think a place where fresh water is available might be clean. However, fountains are the foulest, with anywhere from 62,000 to 2.7 million bacteria per square inch.

How to reduce the risk

Ensure you either wash your hands afterwards or use an alcohol based sanitizer.


Unexpected Places Germs Are Hiding


8.Your Office Phone

Offices are a breeding ground for bacteria. A steady stream of individuals each day touching everything in sight. The office phone, which might have been there for decades, has been found to have up to 25,000 germs per square inch. The mouse, keyboard and desk aren’t far behind in regards to being covered in germs too.

How to reduce the risk

Simply wiping your keyboard, desk and phone with disinfectant at the end of each day will reduce 99% of the bacteria and viruses.


Lookout For Your Family

By following the recommended steps, you are sure to reduce your exposure to bacteria. In doing so, you and your family will enjoy a clean and healthy lifestyle.


Unexpected Places Germs Are Hiding

Andrew Branch

Posted in News on 11th July 2017