Luxury Bathrooms

You have found your perfect partner in creating your dream bathroom when you choose Ripples Bathrooms to design and install your luxury, bespoke bathroom.

No matter which style you choose, inspirational design is the foundation.

At Ripples, we are not influenced by passing fads; instead we aim to design longevity into every project & to listen to our clients requirements and day-to-day needs.


Qualities of a Luxury Bathroom

To make a bathroom truly elegant, it’s important to consider the following features in the design:

  • Space – Small, squishy bathrooms may be fine for short term renting but in the long run a fine, decent sized bathroom is the way to go. Space doesn’t only come in the form of square foot but it also includes the illusion of space through the use of mirrors, glass and lighting.
  • Lighting – Light is a very important feature of any bathroom. Did you know that lots of light can make a bathroom appear elegant?
  • Bathroom tub – Make the bathtub as the focal point in the room. Have the tub freestanding by placing it in the centre of the room. Don’t put your tub into a corner or have it against the wall; after all it’s space which is the main element of a luxury bathroom.

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Luxury Bathroom Gallery

Why not take a look at some luxury bathrooms in Dublin which we have design and installed.

Foxrock Family Shower Room: 


Main Bathroom in Howth: