Q & A with Joseph Flynn

Tell us about your background?

I’m Joseph Flynn the sales & design director at Ripples bathrooms and have been with Ripples since 2005.  I currently have 13 years experience within the industry.  I commenced my training in 2000, my background trade is primarily tiling in which I completed a 4 year trade on the job and in tech.  During this time I also completed my national craft certificate to the highest level.  I did my training with a bathroom design and renovation company, a company who design high end bespoke bathrooms throughout Ireland.  The training and experience I gained from this company provided me with many valuable skills which I have passed on to my team and clients.

Do you see any particular trends in bathroom design for 2013?

In 2013 we are seeing a growing trend towards energy saving and lighting.  When stripping your bathroom out why not add 27mm or better again 50mm overall Kingspan insulation dry-lining, this can then be tiled over and give great heat retention into one of the most coldest room in the house. In regard to lighting the trends we are seeing is down lights with L.E.D bulbs which are dimmable giving our clients a relaxing ambiance.

One of the services you offer is in regard to installation of wet rooms, have you seen a growing demand for these?

Yes since 2005 the wet-room market has grown, people don’t want shower tray doors etc when it’s possible to have a walk-in and openly free room.  The room is easy to use, easy to clean and are also very practical. Wet rooms facilitate everyone from the elderly to children due to its ease of access as there is no step to climb.  Wet rooms are the domestic wash area of the future due to them being so versatile.

Do clients ever ask do wet rooms work? 

We have been fitting wet rooms in Dublin since we setup in 2005, at the time we were the only wet-room experts fitting rubberized flexible membrane tanking systems to our wet rooms. Now there is a lot more competitors in this line of business. Wet-rooms and tanking systems will only work if and when they are designed correctly and installed with the correct knowledge and materials.  By using poor tanking systems and lack of training to apply these techniques wet rooms will not work correctly, due to this we are getting asked by a lot of new potential clients do wet-room work / leak etc.

What makes Ripples bathrooms stand out?

We are leading experts in bathroom design and installation, we have a full team who have a lot of experience and knowledge within the industry. We use the highest standard of bathroom suites, tiles and materials, due to this we have very little problems during and after our projects are done.

What was the biggest challenge you faced with Ripples this year?

This year we had to fit out 2 wet-rooms and 1 bathroom in a large home in Dublin over a 2 week period while the family were going on their annual holiday.  The client already had a contractor booked to commence the work while they would be on holidays but 8 days before they were due to leave the boiler home heating system stopped operating.  They asked the bathroom contractor who they had hired to check the boiler but he was unable to find the fault, the client began to lose confidence in his chosen contractor.  The client gave Ripples a call on the Thursday, within 24 hrs we inspected his boiler system, located the problem, had the part installed and boiler back operating.  Due to our fast turn around and efficiency he asked us to look over the contractors quote and see could we match his agreed rates. We agreed to take the project and commenced work when the family went on their annual two week holiday.  They arrived back from their holidays with the 3 rooms completed and ready for use. This was a challenging job with tight timelines and a short planning timeline by anybody’s standards but I and the team do enjoy working with a challenge.

What are the aspects of your job that you most enjoy?

Personally I love to build bathrooms that really work for the client as well as looking very stylish.  It is always good to know that when you design, build and install new products for your client that they can use the bathroom/wet-room to its fullest potential.

How do you market your business?

At Ripples we use a variety of marketing methods, from online to city wide leaflet drops, trade magazines etc. Over the past number of years our best source of business has been referral from past clients.  We have always based our most basic business principle on the term “your first job gets you your last job”.