Tips For Making Small Changes To Transform Your Bathroom


Are you thinking of re-designing your bathroom? Did you know that there are some simple, yet extremely effective and considerably affordable ways to completely change and update the look of your space? That’s right we understand that you might not have budget for a brand new bathroom and by making small changes you would be surprised how it can make the world of difference.

Here are our top 5 tips for redesigning your bathroom:

1.       Change Your Bathtub

Do you have a wall-mounted bathtub? If so, why not consider a freestanding bath instead? Wall-mounted bathtubs are the standard choice for bathrooms and although they look okay, a freestanding bathtub can completely transform the look of a bathroom. Freestanding bathtubs are much easier to access and can be positioned in any area of the room, which allows for greater scope when it comes to the placement of other fixtures etc. They also add a much more luxurious feel to a bathroom and some homeowners find that they actually take up less space than their wall-mounted counterpart.

2.       De-clutter the Entire Area

Bathrooms can very easily become cluttered. What with towels thrown here and there and an array of beauty and body products scattered on units, it’s very easy to have a bathroom that constantly looks messy and unorganised. If this is striking a chord with you and your bathroom looks a little on the untidy side, it’s time to de-clutter. Consider investing in a vanity unit for additional storage space and for small bathrooms and en-suites, install an under-sink unit to store products. Add a towel holder or blanket box type storage unit to store dressing gowns, towels and face cloths.

3.       Add a Large Mirror

If you can’t facilitate the addition of a window to let in some natural light, hang a large mirror in your bathroom to reflect light and create the illusion of a much bigger space. A large mirror can really brighten up a bathroom and it can further add to the luxurious feel that you may be trying to achieve. Additionally, it will certainly live to serve additional purposes as the bathroom is where we like to preen and groom!

4.       Invest in Quality Fixtures

Think about updating the existing fixtures in your bathroom with high quality pieces. If your current lighting is drab and uninteresting, consider adding a chandelier type lighting fixture for a truly luxurious appearance. We also recommend choosing a set of fixtures that perfectly match or complement each other. If you go for chrome lighting fixtures, try to also choose fixtures that will blend in well with them – items such as chrome towel racks, chrome towel benches, right down to chrome toilet roll holders are ideal!

5.       Add a Splash of Colour

Contrary to belief, bathrooms don’t need to feature an all-monochrome design. To create the appearance of a large space, add a splash of colour to the walls. Lime green can be a great choice. You don’t need to paint every wall a bright colour as adding just a splash of colour to one wall in your bathroom can transform its appearance.

Transforming the appearance of your bathroom is a lot easier than you may think and the effort involved and the impact on your bank balance need not be harsh! Give some of our tips a try and see how your bathroom can be easily transformed.