Small Bathroom Design Tips

From cabinets and tiling to proper lighting and colours, renovating your bathroom requires some serious thought and expense to have the job done right. Whether you plan on hiring a professional or preparing for another do-it-yourself project, designing your bathroom can make or break the appearance of your humble abode when selling or setting a theme in motion. If you’re thinking of renovating your bathroom you may want to sit down and plan a few steps before beginning the job. Start off by asking yourself what you or a typical family member would look for. It is common that most of us would naturally gravitate towards comfort and quality.


Large bathrooms are easier to design in comparison with that of a small bathroom that may be tight on space. Whatever your dream bathroom desires may be, a small bathroom can be designed tastefully and within a reasonable budget when planned properly in advance. The following are some points worth considering.

Deciding The Layout

Once you know the main look you’re going for and approximate price range you wish to spend, you’ll want to determine if the bathroom space can provide guests, and yourself, the essentials needed to keep everyone happy. Plenty of storage space, walk in showers, large tubs, and comfortable seating areas are all typically sought after requirements that a modern day bathroom should offer. When designing the layout of your future restroom, try to remember what works in terms for everyone. Although you may not soak in the tub for hours on end, a future buyer may look for that tranquil setting within this room. You may want to supply a shower and tub within this space to keep all your guests, as well as your own needs, satisfied. Convenience is also a main deciding factor while designing a washroom. Often times multiple people wish to use this space within the same time frame, so you’ll need to think about double sinks or separating the toilet from the mirror and storage unit.

Finding Storage Space

After the main bathroom layout is in check, the next step should be deciding what type of storage unit is needed to get the best bang for your buck. Shelving, wall cabinets, or large vanities with several compartments are all ideal options when making room for toiletries or other hygienic needs. You can also provide baskets, trays, and small drawer organisers to save space and better ensure a tidy living space.

Picking Materials

In the end, make sure your bathroom provides a comfortable, clean setting. After all, what may happen behind these closed doors isn’t all pretty. Natural tile colours and fresh styles using stone and granite can add so much detail to such a small space. When chosen carefully, flooring, proper lighting, and other hardware needs such as, faucets and shower heads come in a wide variety which can also do wonders for the Feng Shui of this room. Lastly, soften up the place with clean towels, plants, and the odd photo or magazine to look at. These few touches will take your serene bathroom designs to the next level.