Re-Modelling Tips for Your En-suite

An en-suite is a bathroom facility that is attached to a bedroom in your home. Since the main user is the occupant of that bedroom, it does not need to facilitate the needs of the entire family. Therefore, it can be modeled to the particular desires and needs of the occupant of the adjoining bedroom. If a couple moves in together, an en-suite may need to be remodeled to cater for the needs of the additional person. With an en-suite, privacy may not be such an important issue and so the entrance door can be removed to allow easier accessibility and a more open plan design.

For en-suites which accompany the bedroom of an inhabiting couple, ‘his and her’ sinks are a popular feature when renovating your own bathroom. You can add a vanity unit with two sinks and two individual storage spaces. A vanity unit with built in storage is the best option if you’re trying to save space. Such a feature can prevent many arguments about bathroom clutter, hogging the bathroom and items going astray! You can also opt for individual mirrors so that neither person can be accused of hogging the mirror when rushing to get ready in the mornings. A full width mirror which extends the whole width of the vanity unit however is most visually appealing. You can install towel racks either side of each sink too.

Why stop at ‘his and her’ sinks, install some ‘his and her’ toilets too! You don’t have to necessarily invest in an additional toilet system, you could just install a urinal.

Replacing your traditional shower unit with a shower tray giving a more wet room styled shower can create more space. The addition of an extra shower head can even allow two people to shower at once if necessary. A partition between the toilet and shower/bath can be another great addition. This can allow the en-suite to be used for two different purposes at once while both users are allowed some privacy. The partition can also be used for practical purposes. On the toilet side, grab bars or toilet roll holders can be attached to the partition. On the shower or bath side, the shower head or taps can be attached.

If you really want to take your en-suite to the next level – there are a couple of more “extreme” options. Firstly, you can sound proof it. Your sleeping partner in the room next door will then no longer have to be woken up by the sound of the shower, toilet – or even your dreadful singing. To ensure maximum comfort when using the en-suite, why not explore the option of underfloor heating. If the en-suite is the bathroom facility in the house which you will use the most frequently, why not ensure that it is the more comfortable? The opportunities when remodeling your en-suite are endless. Just about any budget can allow for some changes to be made. The standard en-suite always offers the opportunity to be so much more.