How to Choose the Best Light for your Bathroom

Good lighting in the bathroom is essential for many reasons, however it can be quite difficult to get it right. There are lots of things to take into consideration, including which light fixtures to choose and where to install them.

To ensure that you get the best lighting for your luxury bathroom, it’s wise to decide how you’d like to light your bathroom and make a plan before you start any work.

If, like most people, you want to create a relaxing space for the evenings but a bright and light room for the mornings, the below tips should be taken into consideration when choosing bathroom lighting.

The optimum level of brightness

When lighting your bathroom, you’ll need lights that are bright enough to enable you to perform personal tasks. Such tasks include shaving, inserting contact lenses and applying make-up safely and easily.

Therefore, you should choose light fixtures with white light that mimics the quality of natural daylight. This will give you the brightness you need, together with a flattering light that’s ideal for personal grooming.

The ability to dim the lights

While bright lighting is great when you need to shave or do other close-up tasks, if you want the relaxing atmosphere of a spa for your evening bathing routine, you’ll need to be able to dim the lights.

By dimming the lighting in your bathroom you’ll instantly change the look and feel of the room. Dimmer switches are also a great way to adjust the level of light for those ultra-early morning starts or middle-of-the-night bathroom visits, when you don’t want to face a bright light.

Where to place your lights

To ensure that you get the most flattering light possible, avoid light fixtures that cast shadows. For even light without shadows, try mounting wall brackets at eye level on either side of your bathroom mirror.

If lack of space won’t allow this kind of arrangement, try putting a vanity light or bar above the mirror. You may also want to add wall lights for extra ambience, which can be connected to a dimmer switch so that the brightness can be adjusted to suit the task and your mood.

Furthermore, ceiling fitted LED lighting is a great option, both in terms of its low voltage consumption and the ability to dim and raise the lights as needed.

Add extra lighting to personalise your space

While most bathrooms will function perfectly well if you fit the right kind of lighting, if you want to take your bathroom lighting to the next level you may want to consider fitting waterproof recessed shower lights. Floor or bath panel lights can also be used for extra effect.

These types of lights are particularly effective for creating a relaxing atmosphere in the room. Lights can also be added to illuminate shelves and cabinet. They can be placed in the tiling or even in the bath itself to add a glow to your water as you bathe.

Whatever you decide to go for, always remember that it’s advisable to have your bathroom lighting professionally fitted to ensure that it functions correctly and meets safety standards.