Free Standing Baths – A Quick Guide

Your bathtub is the pillar of your bathroom, the key feature, the focal point. Indeed, it will be one of the most used amenities in your entire home. Therefore, careful consideration must go into the selection of a bath for your home. A bath tub can set off the entire look of your bathroom. Free standing baths are becoming the most popular choice for many homes. However, they do differ quite a bit from your traditional bath. To help you get a better understanding, we have compiled a quick guide to free standing baths and their numerous features.


Bigger in Size

Free-standing baths are typically bigger than your regular tub, so they occupy more space in your bathroom. If you are considering opting for a free-standing tub, you will need to consider the additional space that it will occupy. You don’t want to end up with a fabulous bath stuck in a cramped bathroom. You will also want to check out if your boiler can facilitate filling it and whether your floor can manage the additional weight of a free-standing bath.

Timeless Design

One key reason why people choose to purchase a free-standing bath is because it has a timeless design. They look beautiful in both old and modern builds. They are a purchase that will stand the test of time. Even as you re-arrange and re-decorate your bathroom over the years, your free-standing tub will still deem a perfect fit.


The less expensive free-standing bath will usually be made of acrylic material; hence it will be quite light in weight. While they are the most affordable, acrylic baths are not the most durable and may not be able to hold the heat of the water as well as others. Stone or cast-iron baths can be a great long term option, but they are very heavy so you need to be sure that your bathroom surface can support their weight. Resin composite baths are durable and not as heavy, and are available with a traditional or new-age design. They are not quite as eye-catching as the cast iron or stone models though.


The majority of free-standing baths do not come with taps attached leaving you to consider floor mounted or wall mounted taps, which will come at an additional cost. Before you commit to purchasing your bath, be sure to shop around for taps to ensure you can purchase ones which will complement the bath design.


A free-standing bath can be moved about. If you decide you no longer want it positioned in the middle of the room, you can reposition it by the window or wherever you feel would be more appropriate. Re-decorating your bathroom need not be affected by the position of your bath. Although, given the weight of most free-standing bathtubs, you will need a few strong people to help you move it about!

Best of luck with your bath choice, hopefully you have a better understanding now about free-standing baths and their key features.