Ensuite Bathroom Design for Small Spaces

Having an ensuite with your bedroom can be very convenient and offer many benefits. If you have reduced mobility, it means that you have less of a trek to go to the bathroom or use the shower as needed. If you are unwell, the run to the toilet isn’t as disheartening! When you need to go to the toilet, running up and downstairs isn’t exactly ideal. An ensuite also offers more privacy, you do not have to risk encountering anyone on the landing as you leave the shower. Indeed, if you share a house with others, an ensuite offers great comfort as you can shower in peace without the risk of people walking in. If your house does not come with ensuite bedrooms, this does not mean you have to live without one. Even the smallest spaces of a bedroom can be constructed into an ensuite. That walk in wardrobe that you rarely use could be turned into a wonderful ensuite bathroom.


You don’t necessarily need to build an extra room to create an ensuite bathroom. You can merely cordon off some space to create an ensuite. You must however, consider the position of the soil pipes of your house before deciding on the final place of installation. You can use some frosted glass panels accompanied by partial walls to create a small, but useful ensuite space in your bedroom. The frosted glass panels will also eliminate the need to insert a window into the space as they will let in adequate light while ensuring your privacy at the same time. Of course, if you can construct your ensuite to make use of an existing window, this would allow for plenty of natural light. If you think that your ensuite bathroom may be too dark, perhaps investigate installing a skylight.

You should tile the area inside and surrounding the showers. You may also consider wooden or slate flooring, but they may prove harder to maintain and more expensive. Use white or cream tiles as they also contribute to the room appearing larger than it is. Insert a lower shower tray inside the shower unit to prevent water from overflowing. A walk-in shower or wet room is another good option. They can make your small ensuite bathroom appear a lot bigger and are perfect for those with reduced mobility. Halogen spotlights are the best choice of lighting fixtures when installing an ensuite bathroom into a small space as they take up the least room and look visually pleasing.

If you have the space, it is worth fitting a small extractor fan to ensure that condensation does not present itself as a major issue. It also provides a source of heat for when you step out of the shower – no one likes stepping out into the cold! When it comes to a sink, a wall mounted sink with an accompanying vanity unit underneath is your best option, space wise. A concealed cistern toilet will take up little space and serve as functional as your regular bathroom toilet. Try to keep your toilet as far away from the shower as you can, purely for hygiene reasons.

If you ever go to sell your home, the presence of an ensuite could make your property far more attractive for buyers and allow you to demand above the market price. Not only will adding an ensuite serve to make your life more comfortable, but it could prove to make you more financially comfortable in the future if you do decide to sell.

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