How to Choose the Right Bathroom Vanity

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Whether you are renovating your current bathroom or starting to design one from scratch, there are a number of important things that you have to consider before getting the job done right. A vanity is not often the first thing that comes to mind, and many people make the mistake of leaving it until a last minute, afterthought addition.

However, getting the right size, shape and style of vanity for your bathroom could either give it just the finish you need; or it could cause a hugely disappointing look that throws off the entire Feng shui of the space.

Bathrooms are one of the most valuable spaces in your home when it comes to reselling and thus it’s imperative to ensure that everything is just perfect.

Here are the factors that you need to consider before you decide on the perfect vanity for your bathroom:


What is A Good Size Vanity?

The size of your bathroom, the vanity, and the people in your household are all going to have an impact on the vanity that you can get for your bathroom. Check the width of the space that you plan to place your vanity and make sure things such as doors and built-ins are able to open fully without catching.

The depth of the vanity matters too, if it protrudes too much into your bathroom, you are bound to end up with bruised and banged up toes. The height is dependent on the taps/faucets you have in the bathroom, as well as the height of the people using the vanity – if you have tall family members, you will need a mirror that is a little higher up the wall.


Where Should I Place My Vanity?

Similar to the size aspect is choosing the placement of your vanity. You need to ensure that the area that you choose to place your vanity doesn’t just take the above size constraints into consideration, but that it is also located somewhere that is convenient and doesn’t interfere with the traffic of your bathroom.


What About Plumbing My Vanity?

Unless you have an endless amount of riches, then chances are that you will want to save what money you can when redoing your bathroom. You simply have to consider the plumbing system in your bathroom and where you want to place your vanity, and the kind you will have.  If you have to reroute, remove and redo your plumbing system it’s undoubtedly going to eat into your budget very quickly. Try and keep your vanity as close to your other plumbing fixtures as you possible can.


What Material Should I Use?

Bathrooms are naturally hot, humid rooms and so you want to ensure that the vanity you choose has the appropriate material to handle it. Wood veneers (should be properly sealed and lacquered), laminates and thermofoil tend to work well in bathrooms.Also consider the rest of your bathroom, if you are starting from scratch then try identify your vanity before you do anything – as it’s easier to find tiles that will go with the vanity than the other way round. And remember that water will tend to affect the finishes of clear surfaces.


Choosing the right vanity unit for your bathroom will literally complete the look of your new space so don’t overlook this consideration when it comes to planning.