Bathroom Layouts & Designs Tips

Whether you are having an entire new home built or just renovating the bath in your existing home, there are a number of things to consider when designing your new bathroom.

1. Who Will Be Using The Room?

Is this going to be just for you? Are you sharing it with your significant other? Will the kids be using the same bathroom as you? Is there a senior citizen in your home who will require specialised equipment? It is important to take all of this into consideration before planning commences.

2. Measure Carefully
You may want a luxurious tub that seats four people and has muscle relaxing jets, but you have to be realistic regarding the amount of space you have to work with. It is important that you carefully measure the room including the height of current fixtures and plumbing.

3. Know What Lurks Beneath
You dream of stepping out of the tub on a brisk winter morning and finding the floor heated and cozy warm beneath you. When you look around this dream bathroom the current dated tiles are replaced with new, modern colors that suit your personal style. The reality is that until you know what is hiding beneath the current tiling, you can’t understand how easy it will to replace the existing tiles. There may be better ways to spend your budget. If you don’t know what’s under there and you are eager to find out, you should consult a professional to help you find out.

4. Would Two Be Better Than One?
If you’re willing to up the budget a bit and you have the space to do so, you should consider putting in two smaller bathrooms instead of one large one. It can be a luxury for you and your partner to each have your own little haven of privacy or save your sanity to let the kid’s bath toys and SpongeBob toothbrushes have their own real estate away from your serenity bath salts and eye masks.

5. Shine a Light on It
Maybe you’ve always loved the idea of a tiny bathroom chandelier, adding decadence to your daily soak. This can be beautiful, and it is tempting to go with low soothing lighting but you need to consider the tasks that you’ll be performing in the room. Will someone be shaving or putting on makeup in here? The best idea can be a dimmer switch, this will allow you can get the soft relaxing lights for bath time and bright illumination when you require it.

6. Fix Up Fixtures
Do you want the plumbing to show in a retro style or do you prefer a modern look with it hidden away behind pedestal sinks or cabinet styles? If you’re sharing a bathroom, do you have the room for double sinks? Is a shower stall the most practical solution or do you prefer a soaking tub? A combination of both is standard but if you never take a bath, a stand up stall could be a space saving maneuver. If you choose the new rimless floor shower stalls, you should be aware of the movement of water in the room and ensure that the drainage system is sufficient in order to keep the tiles from being wet consistently which is highly dangerous.