5 Must Have Accessories for Your Bathroom


Let’s face it, the bathroom is probably one of the most utilised rooms in your home and if you have guests around, you want to make sure that it as presentable as possible. For that reason, it’s a room in most houses that is constantly being updated and redesigned. If you’re currently thinking of adding to the design of your bathroom or if you want to ensure that your bathroom looks neat and tidy at all times, the simplest way to ensure both of these things is through the selection of some key accessories for your bathroom.

There are an endless number of accessories that you can purchase for a bathroom with the following 5 being absolute essentials:

1.       Vanity Unit

A vanity unit can be a real space saver – especially an under sink vanity unit. You don’t want beauty and dental products strewn across a bathroom, adding unnecessary clutter and taking away from the overall look of the room so it makes sense to hide them away. For the best look and for the fixture to fit in perfectly, invest in a bathroom unit that complements the colour scheme that you’ve already got going on. Generally speaking, the bigger the size of your bathroom, the bigger and more luxurious the vanity unit you can afford to install.

2.       Mirror

Whether it’s big and elaborate or small and understated, an absolute must-have accessory in every bathroom is a mirror. After all, it’s the room in most homes where personal grooming routines and the likes take place. In addition to the practical benefits, a mirror can also help to create the illusion of a bigger, brighter space by reflecting light and the right piece can serve as one of the key design features of a bathroom too.

3.       Hand Towel Rings

Whether you are decorating a master bathroom, an en-suite or a small downstairs toilet, hand towel rings are absolute must-have accessories. When thrown on fixtures or just left lying on the floor, towels can instantly make a nice bathroom look untidy and totally unpleasant. For a slick and tidy look when it comes to the storage of towels that are in use, it’s best to wall mount the rings and hang the towels accordingly.

4.       Towel Rack

In addition to hand towel rings, towel racks are equally as essential. For the style savvy homeowner, towel racks can be purchased to complement the design and current style of all bathrooms – be it chrome, wooden or coloured plastic. If you don’t have the space for a freestanding towel rack, think about investing in a wall-mounted option.

5.       Bath/Shower Caddy

Whether your bathroom has a bathtub or shower, ensure to add a caddy for all your bathing products. A bath/shower caddy ensures that your shampoos, conditioners, soaps, bath salts, shower gels and lotions are consistently close to hand and not creating a mess in your bathroom. They are a relatively inexpensive bathroom accessory and like a hand towel rings and towel rack, they can be purchased in a design to match the colour scheme of your bathroom.

When designing or renovating your bathroom, you’ll be faced with the prospect of choosing from hundreds of different bathroom accessories. Having outlined 5 of the most essential above, we hope that you find your search for the most practical and beneficial options that little bit easier.