5 Bathroom Hazards & What to do About Them

A bathroom should be a haven of relaxation and revitalisation, where you can enjoy a warm bath after a hard day and wake up reinvigorated with a morning shower. However, the bathroom is also the space in the home where you could most likely suffer an injury. 

Your bathroom might not seem like the most hazardous place in your home but it is packed with hidden dangers. In fact, overlooking these obvious hazards that are in every bathroom is a key contributor to injuries and falls all over the country.

On that note; the following are four key bathroom hazards you need to look out for when undergoing a bathroom renovation so consider taking preventative measures where possible:


  1. Slipping in the Shower
  2. Perhaps one of the most common reasons behind injuries is slips in the shower or when emerging from the bath. Many people avoid the use of bath mats as they feel they deter from the aesthetics of space and in doing so, homeowners are introducing a significant safety hazard into their home.

    You need to create an environment where safe footing in the shower and bath is guaranteed. Investing in a non-slip surface and putting up some hand railings is the key to ensuring no serious injuries are caused when entering and leaving the shower or bath.

  3. Hair Dryers
  4. Many people store their hair dryer in the bathroom so they can use it the very minute they step out of the shower. But did you know that following slips in the shower and bath, hair dryers are also a very common hazard. If left unattended, the dryer could fall into water, whether in the bath or sink, and cause serious electrocution.

    The best way to prevent this from happening is to store and use your hair dryer in the bedroom rather than the bathroom.

  5. Toilet Germs
  6. Even if you stick to a schedule of cleaning and disinfecting your toilet on a regular basis, harbours of hidden germs that can have devastating effects on your health can still be lurking. Every time you flush the toilet, germs are inadvertently splashing out onto some of its outer surfaces. When you push down the toilet handle to flush, germs immediately make contact.

    Be sure to be extra rigorous when cleaning the toilet area, cleaning both the inner and outer surface and wiping the handle regularly with anti-bacterial wipes.

  7. Mould
  8. Warm, long showers are thoroughly enjoyable, but they can lead to a gradual build-up of mould in every crevice and corner of the bathroom as steam emerges and condensation sets. Not only can the development of mould dull and darken the appearance of areas in your bathroom, but it is also damaging to your health, especially if you suffer from asthma.

    Run an exhaust fan when you shower or leave a door or a window slightly open to release steam. Your bathroom needs strong ventilation to prevent mould from becoming a key health hazard so this is an area that shouldn’t be overlooked.

  9. Chemical Consumption
  10. You might love the scent of your tropical shampoos, mint scented shower gel and strawberry infused hair removal cream and although you may have the sense not to consume them orally, children don’t.

    Several bathroom injuries and incidents occur due to the absorption of chemical filled hair and body products so these need to be kept out of view and out of reach of young children. Store them away in a bathroom cabinet that is positioned out of reach to prevent little hands from feasting!


Keep your bathroom a place of luxury by taking heed of these hazards and keeping any nasty injuries or illnesses at bay.